Home Pre Nursery Rules
Home Pre Nursery Rules

Guidelines For PlayGroup Admission

  • Birth Certificate

  • Vaccination Chart Xerox

  • Child & Parents Photogaph with Photo Id

  • In Case of NRI : Passport copy & Local Guardian's Photo ID

Rules & Regulations Of Playgroup, Pre-Nursery & Nursery

  • Child must carry 2 napkins, pair of clothes, handkerchief, 3 underpants & 2 diapers.

  • Each and every belonging including shoes of the child should be labelled.

  • No early or late pickups will be allowed.

  • Its mandatory to wear school uniform from Monday to Thursday. Child can wear colored clothes on Friday. If uniform not worn on particular days then child will be sent back.

  • If required school will provide extra uniform at extra charges.

  • Not to call on principal's cell once the class starts. Kindly send text message only and it will be reverted as per convenience.

  • During heavy rains send your child on your own risk, If BMC has declared holiday than kindly consider that even school is closed for the day.

  • Please check your child's bag daily. If take away sheets are lying in the bags for days together, child will not be given any take away sheets further.

  • On Friday, Leggings are compulsory for girl child, skirt or frock should be worn above knee length. Tracks or shorts for boy child are required.

  • No fancy & valuable ornaments such as watches, bracelets, neck piece to be worn by child in school during school hours, so please avoid wearing it from home itself. School will not be responsible for any loss or misplace.

  • No interacting or interference with the staff when class is going on. No peeping in play area while children are at the outdoor play.

  • The child is going through separation anxiety. You can help your child to settle by explaining him/her that you are away from him/her just for a while and will be coming on time to pick him.

  • If your child notices your anxiety, it will arouse the same to your child. Try not to show your anxiety to your child. Explain your child that this is the place where he will have fun & teachers are their friends.

  • Evaluation sheet & report cared will be given on basis of child’s regular attendance only.

  • Improper, rude or violent behavior management has right to take strict action . In that case child will be stopped from attending the TOTSFREE till issues is solved.

  • Management’s decision will be final decision.

  • Open day will be held twice a term i.e. 4 times a year only that day you can ask about your child’s progress, we understand your inquisitiveness. Do not ask the questions like what did he\she did today? Daily Calls regarding child routine will not be entertained.

  • Your child will not be released to any known or unknown person to staff unless you have given us a written authorization in advance. Please understand that this is Parent's responsibility to communicate the same to the school Authority. If anyone other than the parents try to pick your child, we will not release him or her under any circumstances unless we have advance authorization letter. We will need a photo ID of a person when a child is to be picked up by someone other than the parents.

  • It is parent’s responsibility to inform the child’s absence to the school. Child absent for more than a week without informing principal or staff members, It will be considered as discontinuation of the child with the school and if child returns back to the school than the particular duration worksheets or curriculum or any other takeaways or gifts will not be given.

  • If any injuries happen to the child at home, kindly inform principal and teachers so that the necessary precautions will be taken in the school. During the course of interacting and playing with other children in the school, the child may get hurt or injured, keeping in mind the spirited and adventurous nature of child. Parents will not hold the school, its owner, principal, teachers and staff liable or responsible any injury or harm caused to the child in above circumstances and the same will not be done for any loss or damage.

  • Children are imitator they tend to pick ANY action very quickly. If any behavioral change happens kindly take it in a healthy approach.

  • Please do not favor any monetary help or gifts or any other help to any staff members, if done indirectly you are putting yourself & your child in trouble. Please keep your relation with the staff purely official. If done, in any such cases school Authorities will not be responsible.

  • Birthday celebration: Only eggless muffins will be allowed. No return gifts or chocolates will be allowed.

  • In case of any queries or problem it will be attended only through proper channel & with the prior appointment of the Principal or teachers. Choose right words for putting your queries.

  • Every communication will be done through emails only.
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