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PlayGroup & Prenursery Age Group: 1.5 to 3 Years
Nursery Age Group: 3+ Years

As said by Albert Einstein:

So true, If right environment is given a child can learn all the following skills while just playing & having fun in TOTSFREE

Personal, emotional

Playing in doll house , playing in dress up corner.

Creative, Aesthetic

Decorating new things [as per festival] & sticking

Communication, Talking & Listening

Showing likes & dislikes , listening to in house stories , talking amongst their friend, reciting in house rhymes to the parents.

Mathematical Awareness & Development

Learning counting while introduction of the numbers, shapes with its rhymes.

Fine Motor Development

Sticking, coloring, sorting ,eating food.

Large Muscle Development

PT exercise, animal poses, yoga exercise, dancing.

5 Sense Development

Seeing new objects, smelling various flavors, hearing new stories , rhymes, tasting new food , touching different medium [ hard , soft, soggy, wet, dry, hot cold & so on].

Eye Hand Coordination

Sorting puzzle, solving simple & complex worksheets.

Self Help Skills

Eating their own, folding napkins, sorting puzzle alone & so on.

Social & Confidence Skills

Celebration of different festivals, representing various characters in fancy dress competition & annual function.

Cognitive & Language Skills

Learning new rhymes , introduction of the alphabet with their sound [phonics].

Play Way Method

Play is any activity engaged in for enjoyment without any consideration of the end result. Play indeed is a child’s work. In Totsfree give quality play to each child.

Reggio Emilia Approach

This approach states- We must focus at the children what they know rather then what they do not. Rightly said by Reggio Emilia: THE ENVIORNMENT IS A THIRD TEACHER.

Totsfree’s interior is as per Reggio Emilia approach:

The approach states- Environment must filled with natural light & beauty, free from clutter. The environment where each toy , teaching aid or book must be filled with the purpose. Than a child will definitely become a confident & positive child.

Meal is served from school that helps children learning to eat different varity of food.

  • We take limited number of children.

  • Totsfree believes in CLASS, NOT MASS.

Phone: +91 9769022366/+91 9594466655

Email: contact@totsfree.com
Platinum Building, G-2, Ground floor,
Tejpal Scheme Road No. 5, Vile Parle (East),
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400057
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