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Home Introduction


Playing indeed is the work of the child but there is a vast difference between playing & quality play. Here in Totsfree we provide stimulating & motivating environment to the little ones . Our well trained & qualified staff helps little ones to nurture with full confidence in this tender age. As their brain is like sponge that absorbs everything that they come across in the surrounding.

Totsfree focuses more on what children know than what they don’t. We believe in play way & Learning by doing method. Here we motivate children to do activities physically than to listen which involves them in our day to day activities . Teachers are facilitators than just teacher. Our classroom set up is age appropriate. Toys & teaching aids are handpicked by founder Principal keeping in mind their individual need.

Innovative ideas of teaching & learning makes Totsfree different from others . There is structured curriculum for respective sections i.e Play group/ pre nursery/ nursery/activity club. Work sheets are prepared by principal along with teachers. Principal has made various poems & stories for children. Each year there is addition in the creation. We do not believe in repeating same methodology for the years together we keep on upgrading our portion & teaching methods. Totsfree children are full of confidence.


We inspire curiosity, independence and a life-long love of learning to help our children become contributing members of our community and the world.


In a nurturing and play-based environment, our curriculum build’s childrens’ self esteem and problem solving skills, while fostering respect for themselves and others.


  • Child directed activities: All activities, play/work and materials are developmentally appropriate and support active learning for children. Our high teacher-to-child ratio supports personalized learning and development outcomes for our children.
  • Areas of Development : We foster all aspects of children’s growth and development including problem-solving skills, empathy and respect, independence, language, social development, self-esteem and confidence.
  • Professionalism: We invest in our staff to provide the highest quality environment through extensive and on-going training and professional development. Our management operates in a very professional manner.
  • Transparency: We strive to have open, respectful and transparent communication between Parents, teachers , Principal & management.

- Talented

- Optimistic

– Trust worthy

- Supportive

– Friendly

– Reliable

– Energetic

– Emotionally balanced

These qualities represent our TOTSFREE team.

Phone: +91 9769022366/+91 9594466655

Email: contact@totsfree.com
Platinum Building, G-2, Ground floor,
Tejpal Scheme Road No. 5, Vile Parle (East),
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400057
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