Guidelines For PlayGroup Admission

  • Birth Certificate

  • Vaccination Chart Xerox

  • Child & Parents Photogaph with Photo Id

  • In Case of NRI : Passport copy & Local Guardian's Photo ID

Rules And Regulations Of Daycare For Totsfree Parents

  • The use of the DAYCARE is a privilege and not a right. Failure to abide by the regulations can result in restricted usage or dismissal from the DAYCARE based on the severity of the violation. Day care is to look after your children with love & care. Personality development of the child must be done from home. DAYCARE is not responsible for any kind of child’s behaviour. Everyone in TOTSFREE is extremely polite & helpful. Do not scape goat the day care for some negligent act done from parent’s side. It is very natural for an infant or toddler’s parents feel worried & insecure about their child. As an adult you must come out of your weaknesses. Keep your relation with your staff & authority extremely professional. Please do not do any monetary or other kind of favour to any staff member, indirectly putting yourself & your child in trouble. Keep your phone calls short & to the point.

  • Dress your child in simple, comfortable, weather appropriate clothes. The child bag should include appropriate accessories like, 2 pairs of clothing, min 2 Undergarments, a Small towel, Napkin with each child. Girl child should have leggings daily. If the child wears diapers then parent should provide minimum 4 diapers within the bag. Send a separate bag for soiled clothes.

  • All the clothes and accessories should be properly tagged with child’s name with embroidery or name tapes. The DAYCARE will not be held responsible for any losses of unmarked clothes.

  • Avoid putting expensive jewellery or party clothing on children. Loss or damage to such items is not the responsibility of DAYCARE or staff.

  • Morning Breakfast, lunch (dal, rice), Evening snacks & milk will be provided by DAYCARE

  • Parent should send lunch neatly packed in tiffin box. Items with the gravy should be sent in proper locked container. We recommend microwave safe containers. Parents are requested to send adequate quantity of lunch with the child. Please do not send Junk food. Label each box daily as it takes lot of time for staff to label it daily & let them utilize that time for looking after your child.
  • If your child is not coming for the day please inform prior so that their portion of food will not be prepared. This helps us in avoiding the wastage of food. Continuously 2 days if your child is not attending the day care [without informing] than from 3rd day their meal will not be prepared. It will be parent’s responsibility to send meal for that day. Parents must inform the reason for the child’s absence.

  • Feeding bottles should be sterilized at home. The number of bottles should match the number of feeds.

  • The DAYCARE working hours are 09:00am to 7:00pm from Monday to Friday and 9:30am to 04:00pm on Saturday. We request parents to kindly pick child within the closing time; however we do consider certain unexpected delays and hence an excuse for an extra 15 minutes is accepted, after which fine would be levied of Rs.100/- for every 5 minutes delay. Repeat offenders may face restricted use of the DAYCARE.

  • DAYCARE is closed on public & national holidays.

  • Please do not send toys with your child. They have a tendency to get broken and cause conflict with the other children.

  • Health and Hygiene: Children suffering from infectious diseases like chicken pox or conjunctivitis, viral fevers or colds, stomach bugs should not be sent to DAYCARE. If DAYCARE staff suspect that a child is suffering from an infectious disease, they will immediately inform the parent, who should then take charge of their children. Such children should not be sent to DAYCARE unless they have been symptom free for at least 24 hours. Its parent’s responsibility to inform about any food or other allergies. Day care will try but cannot assure to take complete precaution.

  • Mosquitoes: Day care is cleaned with disinfectant 5 times a day. There are minimal chances of mosquitoes but we cannot ensure or responsible for any mosquito bites.

  • When the child resumes DAYCARE after recovery from certain contagious ailments should get a Doctor’s certificate stating that the child can be admitted from the mentioned date. Do not hold day care responsible for any disease develops to your child.

  • If a child develops fever during the day, parents will be informed and the child will be given a dose of paracetamol if acceptable to the parents. The parents must pick their kids within an hour of intimation.

  • If a child has any cuts or bruises happens from day care than first aid will be given & the parents will be informed immediately. It is parent’s duty to inform the same if it happens at home.

  • Medicine: If Daycare is not informed in written with clear dosage regarding particular medicine than Medicine will not be given to the child for the entire day. If dosage is above 5ml than parents should provide copy of the doctor’s prescription, without doctor’s prescription Medicine will not be given. Please maintain a small diary for the same & send it in day care bag.

  • Parents should make available the emergency contact numbers.

  • Pick up and Drop Off: Child will be only handed over to the Parent. If any one other than parents tries to pick up the child, DAYCARE will not release the child under any circumstances unless we have the written authorisation or email received from parents. The person picking up the child should provide the copy of photo ID proof to the DAYCARE.

  • The Parents should intimate DAYCARE in writing if the child is being dropped by their respective school’s van or buses. It’s Parents responsibility to provide the Van or Bus number & the Driver’s & Attendant ID proof to the DAYCARE.

  • The DAYCARE will not be responsible once the child is picked by the parents or School bus or Van. Support staff is not allowed to go out of the Daycare, Requested to ask your transporter to bring their vehicle to the day care & attendant must come till the shoe rack for pick up & dropping. Ensure this is for the safety of your child.

  • Toys: Please discourage children from carrying their home toys or books to DAYCARE. Loss of such toys is not the responsibility of DAYCARE. If a toy or a book is damaged or torn by your child it is parents responsibility to replace or pay for the damage. It is not necessary that if child does not act in a particular manner at home means he/she will not act in day care.

  • Celebration: Birthday parties may be celebrated in the DAYCARE, but we request that the parents provide simple, healthy snacks along with VEG cake. Return gifts are strictly disallowed.

  • WITHDRAWL: Parents / Guardian wishing to withdraw child/ children from the DAYCARE please inform the DAYCARE 1 month prior, as we are having waiting list so we can allot that admission to next person. Discontinuation from the service must be informed by mail only, verbal information will not be considered under any circumstances. If fail to do so before 1 month day care fees will be deducted from your deposit. This rule cannot be changed in any circumstances.


  • As per our rules, Intimation of post-dated cheques for next 6 months will be given by email to the parent as a routine follow up only once. Parents are requested to kindly hand over the post-dated cheques to the teacher accordingly. Teacher will follow up only once. If parents failed to do so then the fine of Rs. 1000/- per day will be charged. The fine if not paid then the same will be deducted from the deposit. Once deposit amount is over usage, then in such case the day care facility will be withdrawn to the child till the deposit & post-dated cheques are given.

  • It is parent’s responsibility to teach child to show the respect towards the teachers & any other in authority.

  • If above rules are not followed Totsfree centre head / management has right to stop your child from the usage of Daycare.

  • Day to day updates & feedback will not be given from day care. Any concern for child will be immediately informed by Principal or teachers to the parents. We maintain that from the beginning.

  • The Parents are requested to call on School number & Principal’s number between 8:30 am to 7:30 pm only. [Monday to Saturday].

  • We prefer the communication through email or sms. If you have any queries, please email us.

Phone: +91 9769022366/+91 9594466655

Platinum Building, G-2, Ground floor,
Tejpal Scheme Road No. 5, Vile Parle (East),
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400057
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